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Humanism: The What, Who, Why, When and Where

“Charles Block reminds us of the long and difficult path that marked the great leaps forward in human society.”

-Lynn University Distinguished Professor of History, Dr. Robert Watson

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Born in 1927, Charles Block has witnessed the historic events of the past century—child of the Depression, a veteran of WWII, and beneficiary of the GI Bill. In 1951, by virtue of the GI Bill, he earned a Masters Degree in Mathematics from Harvard University. This achievement was the bridge to becoming a member of an MIT research lab. Funded by the government, this research lab was developing inertial guidance systems for planes, which would provide navigational steering instructions to aircraft. Solving the math equations was time-consuming. In a neighboring MIT lab was a prototype digital computer called Whirlwind I. Mr. Block learned to program Whirlwind in an effort to speed up the research. As a result, he became deeply familiar with emerging computer technology. Later, when computers were feasible commercial products, Mr. Block was employed as a consultant to many enterprises including computer manufactures, banks, and insurance companies. Later he joined a major international bank and was the lead manager in its automation projects and a consultant to senior bank executives.

In retirement he continued his reading, studying and writing habits and published his first book—Morality; Whose Idea Was It Anyhow? Charles and his wife Myriam live in Aventura, FL.


Humanism: The What, Who, Why, When & Where

Morality: Whose Idea Was It Anyhow? 


Humanism is an exploration of the causes of the great material progress of the world over the last 300 years. It is a timely reminder of the importance of ideas in the shaping of our present and future!


Roman Catholic Priest & Founder and President of the Acton Institute for the. Study of Religion and Liberty