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Humanism: The What, Who, Why, When & Where

Humanism: The What, Who, Why, When and Where validates that about three hundred years ago the world pivoted. It turned from a place where most people were excessively poor and powerless and with only one autocratic religious option to world with a huge thriving middle class, enjoying broad political and religious freedoms.  Humanism addresses why the old world dominated most of history, where and when did this pivot start and what was the seminal cause.

Blocks' book asserts that the catalyst for this consequential turn is humanism, an idea spawned in Antiquity, redeemed in the Renaissance, and made “self-evident” in the Enlightenment.  

Humanism stresses the power of ideas in shaping history. It takes the reader on a journey to the dawn of the ideals of human conduct to the emergence of the modern world, highlighting moral contours and historical landmarks.

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Morality: Whose Idea Was It Anyway?

Morality: Whose Idea Was It, Anyhow? searches for the roots of moral development from the dawn of man to the present. The author's reflections on family, religion, philosophy, science, and the arts provides answers to these and other puzzling questions:

Are we moral because it wins us social approval?

Do religious beliefs make us moral?

Is morality a natural impulse or must we rise above our nature to be moral?

Are morals universal or do they vary by time and place?

This book provides a fresh and intelligent approach to the people and events that produced a rich and relevant moral legacy. It is well researched and well organized and couldn't be coming out at a better time. It will appeal to serious readers who are dismayed by an erosion of moral concepts and conduct and are outraged by corporate, religious, and civic leaders who tailor morality to taste.

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